Optional Telematics Accessories

Driver Identification Tag

Identification key consists of a key and a small reader designed for driver identification. The accessory can be used when a vehicle is used by more than one person or when one person uses a number of vehicles. It shows who and when used the vehicle and who was in charge of it. It is possible to block the vehicle’s engine and notify the driver by an audio signal without completing the identification.

Temperature Sensors

Panic Button

Panic button is an accessory designed for increasing safety of the vehicle, the driver and the cargo. In case of an emergency the driver can quickly send an emergency message to the manager and the traffic controller. The message is received in the vehicle monitoring and control system or by SMS

Fuel Monitoring Sensors

The temperature sensors are designed for measuring the temperature of the cargo and the refrigerators. The data collected by means of the GPS tracking device is transmitted to the vehicle tracking system.

The sensors operate within the accuracy of ±0.5°C in the temperature range from -40°C to +120°C ±0.5°C.

Engine Immobiliser

The engine relay is a device designed for blocking the engine of the vehicle. It offers a protection against unauthorised use of the vehicle. Remote activation of the relay is possible by means of the vehicle tracking system or an SMS.

Eco-Drive Panel

Eco-Drive panel is Quadratex developed device for monitoring drivers behaviour in real-time. Eco-Panel informs driver by light and sound indicators, when his driving actions are causing fuel waste and faster vehicle depreciation. Driving information is also sent to the real-time monitoring and control system which analyzes drivers behaviour and allows to evaluate driver’s performance.

Eco-Drive panel benefits:

  • Reduced vehicle maintenance costs

  • Fuel costs reduced up to 20%

  • Improved driving skills

  • Reduced environmental pollution

  • More comfortable and safer trips

Eco-Drive panel monitors and informs about:

  • High RPM

  • Harsh breaking

  • Over speeding

  • Harsh acceleration

  • Idling

  • Cruise control


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