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Who We Are, Ltd is a Zambian technology company which focuses on telematicscloud computing, fleet management, and artificial intelligence.  The headquarters of the company are in Lusaka Zambia.


Quadratex has been offering "Boyond Borders" Real Time Satellite Vehicle Tracking Across Africa, High Precision Fuel Monitoring, IoT Applications


We help our customers reduce costs, save time and improve their efficiency by globally providing integrated transport telematics solutions with great customer experience.

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What we do

Quadratex Fleet management solutions allows Individuals, companies which rely on transportation in business to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff costs.


Full fleet management solution consists of the following parts that work together as a one system – hardware part (GPS tracking device and accessories), software part (real-time vehicle monitoring and control system), connectivity and support.

  • Up to 99.9 Up-time Dedicated Data Center Hosting

  • Android/iOS Mobile Applications

  • 100% Web Based, no Software installations.


Quality policy

Design & manufactured in the European Union, Quadratex offers management, support and sale of electronic devices, programming and remote monitoring services.
Requirements of the management standards motivate the company to care about quality and offer the most advanced technologies to the customers, expand the assortment of products sold and provide superior services corresponding to the strictest requirements .

We offer quality management system , which encourages the employees of the company to focus not just on financial indicators, but also on process optimisation and improvement of relationships with the customers. Moreover, we align the long- and short-term goals.


Perhaps the greatest ambition in introducing quality management system was to offer the customers competitive products and ensure the quality of services provided seeking for increased trust and loyalty of current and prospective customers.

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