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Global Coverage 

 Quadratex 's 100%  web-based fleet management tool. It gives you a complete overview of your fleet assets regardless of your location in relation to your asset. This tool is compatible across a variety of platform; you can view your assets from any device with internet access, from your desktop to your smart phone or tablet.



Total Crontrol


As an owner or manager of fleet, Quadratex empowers you to do the following capabilities to effectively manage your assets to optimize your profits:


Forward Thinking & Planning

Quadratex equips fleet managers to be forward thinking and able to plan more accurately for the future and ensuring optimal use of their asset. This includes routine planning vehicle service and maintenance alerts, client notifications of their delivery and other features important to accurate planning.



Quick Response



Quadratex gives you the ability to make quick decisions and ON-TIME when events occur. It notifies you of all these events in real time such as fuel theft, hijacking, course deviation, delays, overspeeding and much more.


Big Data & Analysis

With vast amounts of historical data stored on the system, fleet managers/operators can retrieve this data whenever it is needed. With a simple click, you can pull this data into reports that can readily give you a complete picture of asset’s performance.






One of the best faeture Quadratex offers, is to enable fleet owners the ability to disable the engine of the Vehicle remotes via our Web portal or by SMS command incase of theft.

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